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Together WE achieve more... That is the reason we have association. I wish that more people are involved in our association activities... I wish our conference Registrations fees are Reasonable.... I wish we have our Journal.... as a book in our hands... I wish Surgeons, in their mid career have opportunities to be trained. I wish we will have better industry interactions and better technology to our members... I wish to create a climate for better research and funding in OMFS... i wish to create a better and real training environment for OMFS Trainees if you have the same idea... I can be your Voice in the EC For TOGETHER WE CAN Vote me as your representative to the EC Bio- Data BDS Saveetha Dental College 2000 MDS Ragas Dental College 2006 Fellow Indian and International board EC member TNAOMSI 2013-15 Treasurer 2015-18 TNAOMSI Rep to AOMSI 2019-21 Jt Organising Secreatary - 43 AOMSI Conference - Chennai