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I am a doubly qualified, double doctorate Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with interests in clinical, educational and research activities. My educational qualifications are: BDS (MRADC, Bangalore-2004); MDS (Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai-2008); DMD (Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany-2013); FDS RCS (Ed) 2018; MD & PhD (Medical University Rostock, Germany-2019). All my education has been availed through merit. In addition I have received the following peer-reviewed scholarships for my education: All India Post Graduate (Indian Government, 2005), ITI (Basel, Switzerland, 2010), FGD (Cologne, Germany, 2012), DAAD (Bonn, Germany, 2015), AO CID (Zurich, Switzerland 2019). I have trained extensively in India and western EU and have had practising licenses in India, Germany (life long) and Sweden. I have won the Andre Schroeder Research Prize for Clinical Research (2017), the most prestigious award in implantology and regeneration, for my work in implant rehabilitation and free-flap reconstruction in patients requiring ablative jaw surgery. I was the first non-EU national to be offered a specialists Maxillofacial Surgeon position at a Swedish University (Uppsala), a post that I left to return to India. I have, with colleagues, developed techniques for soft tissue regeneration in free fibula flaps, that are now being quoted and followed in many leading centres around the world as the procedure of choice. I have multiple original publications, as a first author, in most reputed journals of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Oncology and Implantology (Please refer pubmed id: Kumar VV). Since 2008, I have actively contributed to the AOMSI mainly through academic endeavours. I have been the associate editor of the Journal of Maxillofacial Oral Surgery for the past five years, and have also been on the editorial board to the over-a-million-downloaded textbook of our association.