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BDS, MBBS, MDS (SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad 2007-10), FIBCSOMS Fellowships – 1. Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery (July 2010 – July 11) – Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital Bangalore 2. AOCMF (Jul-September 2017), MHH Hannover 3. Paediatric Maxillofacial Surgery (Aug 2018 – Aug 19) – Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne 4. Craniofacial Surgery (Aug 2019 – Nov 20) – Oxford Craniofacial Unit, UK I am currently working as a Consultant at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bangalore. Here we offer cutting edge treatment to children born with cleft/craniofacial anomalies. The unit is recognised as one of the notable cleft training institutions in the country, and I engage in all academic programs of the trainees posted with us. I have had the opportunity and privilege to train in the best institutions both in India and abroad. Moreover, the inputs I received from the world-renowned mentors during my formative years have illuminated my vision by their experience. Globally only a few surgeons have the privilege of training in both Paediatric Maxillofacial Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery and I am honoured to be one of them. I now wish to take this forward in both surgery and our growing association. As a maxillofacial surgeon with experience of over a decade and still a lot to offer, I believe this is the right time for me to take more responsibility in our growing association. The AOMSI has achieved a lot in the recent past. It is due to the hard work of all its members both in the office and outside. The gathered momentum needs to be maintained and accelerated well. I have the right temperament and shall give nothing but the best. I seek your support to further my journey with the AOMSI and humbly request you to please consider casting your vote for my candidature as an Executive Committee Member at the 45th AOMSI, Mangalore.