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1. ORGANIZING SECRETARY: 44TH AOMSI CONFERENCE BANGALORE- 2019 [GOLDEN JUBILEE CONFERENCE] The conference was appreciated for it scientific sessions, hospitality, trade partners and Venue with good co-ordination in all aspects. Our team has given the highest profit to AOMSI in the history of its 50 years since formation. 2. CHAIRMAN OF SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME Instrumental in coordinating and will be launching the scheme under AOMSI soon for the benefit and financial assistance to the bereaved families of the members of the AOMSI 3. AOMSI FELLOWSHIP As a member of the AOMSI Fellowship programme, have been actively involved in the conduct of the exam, selection of candidates and running of the programme for the past three years 4. Treasurer -Karnataka State Chapter of AOMSI- Two terms 5. Representative to EC from Karnataka state chapter for one term 6. Organizing chairman “MASTERY-2018” conducted in Bengaluru 7. Delivered multiple scientific oration and Keynote lectures in various conferences and Master classes conducted by AOMSI