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Representative to IAOMS
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AOMSI today is emerging as a frontier and a premier association catering to the hopes and aspirations of hundreds of OMF Surgeons. Its time to take a pivotal role in carrying forward the legacy of the founding members, seniors who have fostered this great association and recognize the yearning of a new generation of OMF Surgeons .In the post pandemic world there will be new challenges in many dimensions, I sincerely believe that teamwork can yield results and new ideas can be exchanged for the benefit of our association. The future lies in Unity, Hope & Progress. Today I seek your support in continuing my work in AOMSI as candidate for Representative to IAOMS ,If elected I will endeavor to get more fellowship centers recognized by IAOMS ,start fellowship center in Craniomaxillofacial Trauma recognized by IAOMS , explore possibilities of International scholarships and social outreach in collaboration with IAOMS in India and enhance IAOMS membership in India. I truly believe we have arrived as a specialty to take the great leap forward. I pledge to work with young and senior maxillofacial surgeons who are already engaged on the international platform. As we look forward to the meeting in Mangalore, I request your valuable support for my candidature for Representative to IAOMS.